Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Is Rolex a Standard item for Middle Class?

I listened about topics on "How to be classified to be HK Middle Class?" in RTHK2. I feel interested to share with you as the speaker said that in order to be qualified as a middle class you got to fulfill the following criteria:-

-Owner of the flat  with value of HKD$7 million or more.

-Wearing a Rolex, does not matter what model, even an entry model is OK

-Driving Ferrari, Porsche, Maserati

-Have a maid at home

-An Annual income of HKD$750,000 or more

-Your kid is not studying in public school

-Fly business or first class

-Use Prada or Burberry bag

-Carry your Louis Vuitton traveling bag ...because you can afford to be threw harshly and purposely by the airport porters when they see genuine Louis Vuitton bag! It does not matter you can afford to buy it or not! Of course they seldom throw the Fake one!

-A Pair of shoes of HKD$6,000

-Private fitness trainer

-You should have Champagne in your fridge, Don Perignon the best, not Tsing Tao or San Miguel beer.

-You should manage to talk some knowledge and drinking tips about red wine.

-TV size of more than 50 inch…

Look at myself

I have only a Tiny Pigeon hole in lousy hectic area still under mortgage...

I have no car, only an expensive MTR that have my Driver changed every day going to work

I am the maid at home

My Daughter is in private school, no choice as she could not study…

I Fly every week to earn Mileage enough for upgrade to C-class once in a while.

I had never had that Louis Vuitton Traveler bag, I use some Red/Blue/White plastic bag.

I wear a Valentino Shoe (Made in Italy) with RMB1,600 in Shenzhen, my sweetie bought for me, but on condition that I had to serve her three day/nights!

I need no Private Trainer as I am a Kung Fu master myself

I do not have beer in my fridge as this is the real cause for my urine-acid

I do have a few bottles of fine Pauliac wine in my house.. I used to open a 375ml with a Roasted goose left thigh on Saturday evening when I am in excellent mood… I Drink Don Perignon Champagne when I got a new PO!

My TV is 42 inch, an Hisense (highly recommended one, It was made in China) that I bought it with HKD$4,200. It operates perfectly. Hisense is Best in terms of Performance Vs Dollar.

I Think I do not have room for a 50” TV!

Well, as For Rolex. I think I have a few good one and some very fine one….

Though I failed in most of the requirement to be a “Middle-Class” may be I am a senior Glass-Root-Class in HK…!

At least they mention about Rolex is a standard item for Middle Class! How about some watch brands which are more expensive than Rolex, that is not middle Class anymore…that is High Class! Hmm!
HK Snob


Anonymous said...

that's some pretty high standards for 'middle class'

if you do not qualify on all those levels you are considered 'lower class"?

HK Snob said...


By that standards or Specifications, I am not classified as "Middle Class". so I am auto-binned into the "lower Class!!"
Well, never mind, "Higher Class" does not guarantee higher Happiness, right!?
HK Snob

Thanks for the comment!

Anonymous said...

You are correct higher class does not guarantee happiness

What style of Kung fu are you a master of? I am curious.

HK Snob said...

Hi there

hard Zhi Kung,

See this


HK Snob

Junaid Walayat said...

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