Thursday, July 19, 2012

Chanel J12, A Beautiful watch for the beauties!

Chanel, a name in the Perfume and couture since beginning of 20th Century.
Not until 2000, A Ledgend  Watch J12 was in production, it took  not too long for the J12 had became a real symbol of glamorous luxury watch with a touch of French Extravaganza style. Chanel is very young name in watchmaking business. Chanel’s first watch, called Premiere was created in early 1987. All watches and their movements are manufactured in Switzerland in Chanel’s own workshops. Chanel watches design is amazingly simple and ascetic, so everybody will be able to recognize a J12 from a distance - it leaves such a strong impression.
The automatic movement used to produce this remarkable watch is very sophisticated and precise.
The white or black ceramic style used to make as case as bracelet. This ceramic coatings was borrowed from a recipe created by NASA to build parts for their rocket ships. Ceramic is a nice and durable material and is an alternative way from the usual metal and leather materials used on watch market. It is cold, hard and a bit brittle, it can stand high temperature.
Ceramos® evolves from the platinum-coloured high-tech ceramic which Rado introduced in 1993.
And has been the leader in apply ceramic alloy to make watch since 1978 if I can still remember correctly.
.They have many like 23 different models to choose from currently from Chanel models of the traditional 38mm watch available. No matter white ceramic, black ceramic, white with diamonds, black with diamonds, pink sapphire, pink gold to name just a few. There is also a larger 42mm GMT watch, a Superleggera, which is a certified chronograph plus an array of exclusive editions and custom versions of this remarkable timepiece.
Movement, who cares if that is Geneva Seal, double goose neck trimmer, 28 jewels or 19 jewels of not as I believe people buying this watch is solely for the design and outlook but not movement. And That is why they make one and only Tourbillon, as Chanel knows no one would likely to spend USD$200,000 for a Chanel Tourbillon.
Chanel has released the very limited edition (only one made) J12 Tourbillon watch to commemorate the re-opening of their store in Beverly Hills. It is made of ceramic, white gold, and blue sapphires. The timepiece is manually wound but has a power reserve of 100 hours! This model has ‘Beverly Hills No. 1/1’ inscribed on the back. Who is the lucky one to be the owner of this watch?
More and more Celebrities are owning a J12 after the pursuit of the Chanel hand bag.
Kelly Osbourne, Jessica Simpson, Heidi Montag, Sharon Osbourne, Fearn Cotton, Michelle Yeoh, Kung Li, Ashley Tisdale, Dale Winton, Faye Wong and many others are fans of Chanel. In HK, when you walk in IFC, or Landmark, I guess that there is at least one out of 12 women ages between 30-45 who is wearing Chanel J12.  Why? simply, because they are comfort to wear, easy to match with their clothe, beautiful especially those with Diamond bezel, and of course, because they are Expensive.. That is none of the challenge of the Woman of HK…to buy the expensive one! For those charming and sophisticated lady, he got it free from her boy friends!
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