Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Top of the World, Rolex Daytona with a lot of Diamonds

This is Rolex Daytona White Gold with a lot of gems and Diamonds. I am sure the White gold is better in looking than Pink gold or yellow gold. More or less this is my preference, however, if the watch is made of yellow gold, I am sure the diamond will be losing its luster under a lower contrast.
The way they choose the diamond may take weeks. And the way they cut the diamond to the right size and colour selection makes this watch an ultimate Rolex luxury jeweler item rather than a timer for your sport event! Don't be surprise that this watch is not cheap not just for the material itself, but the impeccable skill in embed the diamonds onto the watch case.
Diamonds are forever, diamond Rolex is for Watch Fever.
HK Snob

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