Monday, July 16, 2012

Anonimo Dino Zei SAN MARCO .. Limited Edition 250 pieces

Anonimo Dino Zei SAN MARCO .. Limited Edition 250 pieces
Big, massive, Automatic, power reserve, date at 2 O'clock position, water proof equipped with an ETA movement. An Italian designers watch.
"In military terminology the day and time of a landing are indicated respectively as “D” day and “H” hour; the timescale for the various phases of the operation utilizes these references to indicate the sequence of the major events. Consequently, for example, “D – 1” indicates the day prior to the landing and “H – 2” that there are two hours to go to the moment at which the first vessel of the first landing wave reaches the foreshore.
The “San Marco” watch can provide the following information: the difference in days from “D” day (from D-6 to D+6), visible in a special window marked with the wording “D-DAY”, where after the appropriate initial regulation the corresponding number Special Functions of the “San Marco” watch changes every 24 hours; the time difference from “H” hour, which can be read off a mobile internal ring, appropriately graduated (from -6 to + 6) with the letter “H” at zero position, which by rotating the ring can be brought into line with the position corresponding to the “H” hour on the main dial.
In normal use, these functions can be utilized to memorize any desired temporal reference."
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