Tuesday, July 3, 2012

James Bond and His Rolex Submariner in Live and Let die

Last bond Episode of Bond's action.
Bond (Roger Moore) and Solitaire (Jane Seymour)  entered Kananga's (Yaphet Kotto) subterranean lair by tapping on one of the gravestones, and Bond fought off a few henchmen guards. They raced through a network of underground caverns, but were overtaken by guards and confronted by Kananga himself. The villain described how heroin was transported from his hideaway in large watertight metal canisters (containing 20 cans of 25 pounds each). The couple were tied together, and Bond's forearm was sliced to draw blood and lure "diners" (sharks). The two were to be lowered into Kananga's pool and served up as bait for his pet sharks. 007 employed the magnet on his Rolex Submariner watch to snag a CO2 shark bullet (he hid it in his mouth), and then used the Rolex buzz-saw gadget to cut himself free.
When "lover" Solitaire was released and asked: "Where's Kananga?", Bond quipped in a sense of humour: "He always did have an inflated opinion of himself." They escaped the lair on Kananga's monorail.

James Bond Rolex has two major functions, when it switched on by rotating on bezel, it generate strong magnetic flux that can attracts gun into it. When it is switched on with other function, the bezel becomes a spindling saw!

In this Movie James Bond has shown to us more than 8 times his Rolex Submariner.
The recent auction this Submariner was sold for about US$300,000.00
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