Sunday, June 12, 2011

Rolex Authorized Dealer in Tsuen Wan

This was the Tai Hing Shop selling Rolex and Tudor and recently was taken by Rolex as AD of Rolex… It situates at the cross over of Sha Tsui Road and Chung On Street, within the 100 metres, there are at least 8 Gold Smith, this is the Gold Smith street in Tsuen Wan, This Rolex Shop sells Rolex and Tudor, no jewelry. the rent is HKJD$300.000 a month. Sooner later they will eat up the neighbor shop for expansive., as A lot of Chinese Tourist would stop by shopping Gold in Chung On Street, why not buying a Explore II Orange hand there, If you are near by, try this shop for your Next Rolex purchase.

Tsuen Wan Snob

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