Monday, June 27, 2011

James Bond's Choice of Watch:Omega Seamaster or...

Someone said the Omega Seamaster was a better watch comparing with Rolex Say Submariner but he wouldn't own one. Well, if this is 1960, Definitely it is as Omega produces the best watch in the 60’s. There is a separate review for the Omega on the site that says it's a great watch. Some watch snobs say nice things about the Seamaster but criticize it for having "James Bond Editions" saying a company like Rolex would never do that.
There are many clothing & style snobs who say it is completely wrong to wear a Rolex or Omega style bracelet watch with a suit or tux and say it shows poor style for James Bond to do it. I personally plan on getting an Omega, probably the Black face Seamaster but not the 007edition. This is the non-James-bond version with Sapphire Crystal. Friend of mine intending to sell to me at HKD$9,000.00 Good Deal to be a James Bond Watch!!

HK Snob


Automatic Swiss Watches said...


The James Bond watch has benefited greatly, a gold Omega pocket watch is a best gift for a woman. A lot of watchmakers are not taking in repair orders like they used to because of the scarcity of watch parts. It will have negative effects for watchmakers. Thanks a lot.

HK Snob said...


I am a fan of Omega, I had three, one Black, one Blue and One yellow Dial, they are awesome. And very unique, I do think the Watch Snobs of Omega and Rolex are different.

Omega is likely more to be a Challenger and Rolex is a pratitioner... My own interpretation only.

Renaud said...

Hi HK Snob,

I mostly agree with your point that an Omega fan and a Rolex fan may be quite different person and the brands, though both well respected, do have different status. Good point!

I like the watch in this post a lot, and was wondering - did you end up taking the offer? Or does your friend, by any chance, still have it? This model (and the large hands variant) could be perfect as a wedding gift, if I can find an affordable one before May this year!

Many thanks for your blog

HK Snob said...

Hi Renaud

Well, I did not take this watch as
at that time I was looking for another watch, if I could remmeber is a GMT MASTER.

This watch was sold sold the next day to another Omega Lover.

Sometimes there are too many good watches but I had only a few bucks in my pocket.

I have to admit that Omega in the 60's is the best watch ever made!

But I don't like thoss made between 1990-2005. About the latest Co-axial, i really need to find out if that is a reliable movement or not!?

As for this watch, I think the buyer would sell it as he is a die hard Omega Lover!!

let wait for another opportunity

Keep whatsapp me at _639175854633

When I spotted a good Omega, let you know!

Thanks for your comment!

HK Snob