Saturday, June 4, 2011

Rolex DD PT Ref 118209.

In the beginning, the oyster bezel fluting has a functional purpose, it served to screw the bezel on the case, helping to ensure the waterproofness of the Oyster Watch, and It has the same fluting design and dimension at the base of the case. It has to be operated by specific Rolex Oyster Tool. The Bezel evolved over time and later would be friction fitted onto the crystal and the case. The Fluting because an aesthetic element, a genuine Rolex Signature feature. A mark of distinction that is only available on Yellow Gold, EverRose, and White Gold Day Date watch. So this bare bezel is what… Well this is the Rolex Most Expensive version of Day Date: Platinum Watch , it does not come with any Fluted Bezel at all. The Picture shown here is a down to the Earth Ultra Low Profile Rolex Oyster Watch. Most os the people does not know that this is a Top Flagshp watch of Rolex., as they think this is a Cheap version of Stainless Steel watch that is having no Fluted Bezel for Cost Control.
In fact this is a watch of HKD$400,000.00!

For those Stainless steel Oyster Date Justs, the Bezel is made of 18Kt White gold, and most of the people thought that is Stainless steel.

HK snob

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HK Snob said...

yes, this is one of my best watches if I could only allow to buy one watch in life....

Platinum, White Colour, Low profile, reliable, beatiful, not too many Diamond that loses men's bravity...

How do you think!?

Fever HK Snob