Saturday, May 15, 2010

My Watch

Daytona, Rolex Date Day, and a first generation AP Royal Oak.

Rolex is low cost to run as ususally they are general purpose practical watch your entire days for work, swimming and Hiking. Assuming you use if for 20 years, and assuming the watch is USD$20,000.00 means that you pay for $2.739 a day only. Can a decent PP, Frank Muller or Cartier be used like this everyday!? No! then their running cost is too high for a Poor Snob to afford!

Another good example would be Panerai, they are being used by Celebrity for party, work, office, fishing, Hiking and swimming... so that is why the best Second hand value watch in average general is Rolex, and Panerai. Those Big four PP, AP, VC, Jaeger is likely stars in the Auctions and toys on the wrists of those Multi-Millionaires...definitely not me...

HK Snob

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