Friday, May 21, 2010

Minute Repeater for Citizen

Citizen Minute Repeater

This is Longines VHP calibre

This is a quartz Watch, from Citizen, it was produces in About 1992. The first Repeater made by Citizen. It is a very Accurate quartz watch, perpetual Calandar, Minute Pepeater is the key selling point, Beleived to have Limited production as it was expensive.. I means in terms of Citizen normal price tag.

People laughs at me saying all quartz watch tell the same time, I am trying to say that all quartz watch are not same, as the accuracy of a quartz watch is muchly depends on the quartz vibration frequency itself, normally they are electronically tested and selected for different grades. For example a quartz with 15 ppm (15 ppm means that their toleraenace is 15 parts per million) will have about +/- 1 second a day. (1 second/3600 seconds x24 hours= 1/86,400= 11.57 ppm). However the quartz has certain drift over change of temperature, so there are type of negative quatz that are being used as to counter-zero the temperature changes positively.

Longinese has produces the VHP series using dual quartz concept made for better accuracy.

In 1984 - Longines introduced the very first VHP: Longines Conquest VHP (VHP = Very High Precision) with the famous dual-oscillator Cal.276.2 movement (jointly developed by Longines and AsuLab). That movement used digital thermocompensation (inhibition) and was rated for +/-10 seconds/year. It had lithium battery. This very first VHP movement did not have digital calibration terminal!

Can your quartz tell time at an accuracy of 0.33 second a month!?

The Citizen Repeater is on Sales! HKD$3,800.00

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