Thursday, May 13, 2010

Kiki Picasso Swatch

This is a Kiki Picasso 1985
It is a Swatch, not a ordinary Swatch, It was designed by French Artist Kiki Picasso (Christian Chapiron’s pseudonym).
All models produced have different dial and hand colours. The dial has done three little windows, making it possible to see the inner disks that usually carry the date and day information. The two inner disks of the Kiki Picasso have the same design and colours as the dial has. The inners disk rotates clockwise and needs 14 days for one revolution, the outer disk rotates counter clockwise and needs 31 days for one revolution. Therefore the face design changes everyday and lines up perfectly every 435th day.
Variation with four colours on dial, black and white day/date disc, without "Swatch Swiss" logo on dial, complete signature of the artist on the bracelet.
Kiki Picasso was produced of very low numbers with official declared production of 140 pieces. The Collector value of Kiki Picasso is almost impossible to estimate. Very few private sales are known, auction prices vary between USD$20,000.00 to USD$30,000.00.
I have owned a few Hundred of Swatches in the years 1990-1993, I like Globe, 1991 Christmas Special Hocus Pocus, 1987 Special Bergstruessli, jelly fish, 1991 Golden Jelly, 1992 Special Sam Francis, 1992 Specials Collection Swatch No.1 Lot of dots, 1992 Chronos SCB108 Award and JFK, 1988 Signal Corps GB408 Needles, 1986 Coat of Arms GB111 Sir Swatch,
That was a great fun to collect Swatch… the moral of Swatch is : marketing can be the decisive to the success of a product.

PS, if you had not collected any Swatch, seems that you might have missed a lot of collector's pleasure...
HK Snob

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