Sunday, May 9, 2010


Omega was once had a better reputation than Rolex in Hong Kong in the 60's. As they had a very good quality in their Seamaster Constellation series. Not soon later, Rolex came up with a good promotion programme such that it was being recognized as branded watch than Omega. Later on those pawnshop had a high acceptance value on all Rolex. Since the 70's Rolex had overtaken what Omega had. Nowadays, watch collectors are still lookinng for those Constellations of Omega, the Gold one would be a good collectible items.
The new Omega is still able to maintained a very good quality, I doubt as I had two Omega Seamaster limited edition, both had problem in running without any stoppage. So I decided to give it to freinds.

See t he attached Omega, I did not expect that they do not have good surface polishing on the chamfer. Why? This is a watch for more than HKD500,000.00!

HK Snob

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