Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Rolex : Stop Charging Premium for Daytona Ref 116500LN

Interesting Article about Rolex Singapore stops their main distributors to sell more than the list price.

But I don't think that Hour Glass, Sincere or whoever will be able to make a public open sales at MSRP SGD$18,000 (HK$98,640).

In HK, the current price of Daytona Ref 116500LN White is HK$131,000 lowest and Black is HK$124,800 (lowest) at gray dealer hands. Don't think you can get one at Rolex AD with List price HK$90,500.

I don't think Rolex Can call for a Fair price in sales in the open market where the demand and supply is still the  Golden Rule.

If Rolex wants to control the price of Daytona down to MSRP price , well make more production and ship more as they do for Date just...

If not, Price of Daytona is still as hard as Diamond!

HK Snob


Anonymous said...

Hi sir Snob!
My friend knows somebody who sells a daytona 116500ln white at 14k€ ~HK$114,500. He told me that is a dealer from Israel we can trust but for me price is too low compared to market.

What would you if you were in my place??

HK Snob said...

Really good price, but I really can give you any comment unless I know the dealer.
Anyway, if you can see that is a BNIB one, should be OK!