Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Watch Authentication Services

Watch Authentication service


As many of us may need an knowledge certification body to authentic your watch  no matter is a new Rolex, Vintage Rolex or a Special Edition one
There are a few channels you can do that, Pawn Shop, Expertise , Rolex Service Centre,

Pawn Shop used to keep a file of the watch stolen, depending the individual Pawn Shop, they sometime cannot tell if your watch is really authentic or not

Rolex Service Centre,

It takes time, usually days to weeks for your watch authentication, Local AD is faster, overseas gray dealer imported watch take 2 weeks. Charges is Free in HK, but chargeable in some other countries like Singapore.

How about we can offer a certification body that could is professional enough to tell your watch authentication?


Send your watch to Classic Watch Repair Centre

They will take picture of your watch usually 8 shots of different position and they will inform you by means of a report that the watch us authentic or not. We can open the watch and inspect the movement too.

Report will be issued within 2 -3 days

Charges is HK$800

Contact Classic Watch report for such service…


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