Wednesday, March 22, 2017

BaselWorld 2017 Rolex preview

We have guessed it right, there is Single Red Line for SeaDweller Rolex to be released this year.

43mm with Cyclops, What a nice watch after 50 years since the first launch of SeaDweller in 1967.

Definitely there will be little stock available for People like I. And We hope that supply should be larger than Submariner.

HK Snob


Anonymous said...

What do you think the markup price to be for the 50th anniversary Sea-Dweller?

HK Snob said...

From 2012 Nov, Rolex HK has not been adjusted price with exception on 2014 August that a few model Sub, Daytona, GMT... has been increased 5-7% from my memory.

Well, this Single red that people called has been giving a new price again about
HK$90,000, that is the same price of DeepSea or Daytona. The Current SeaDweller is marked with MSRP HK$78800. and I have been asked to find the NOS Ref 16600 for them!

Meaning the hit of looking for SeaDweller has started!

So you can see Rolex has been putting some effort to mark up his once the "top of the Line" model.

Though people say they cannot accept a SeaDweller carry a Cyclops or a size of 43mm.

But The charisma of Single Red line definitely push this watch to the best sought after Rolex after his Daytona,

I have already received three order with deposit.

So as the VR, those SeaDweller 1665 Double Red of what will be enjoying price appreciation without question.

anyway the fun of plying Rolex watches is that you have no limit of surprise, and who knows one day the old watch insider your drawer or safe deposit Box will hit another high price in Auction.

HK Snob