Monday, December 22, 2014

Rolex Watch Market in Russia

 A Classic Vintage Oyster Precision in Torquoise (customized Dial)

A Magnificient Rolex Oyster precision Classic 6694 in Burgendy Dial (Customized Dial)

These are Rolex watch that is avaiable in Moscow, sent by a good friend who is a LED scientist base in Moscow.

Note that they have some of the hottest item we cannot find in Asia such as the Daytona Rainbow!

I have seen these lovely Blue and Burgendy Dial ref 6694, if my limited understanding on Russian it says  95,281 Rubles, base on today's exchange rate 1 USD =58 Rubles, and I assume 1 USD is 7.77 HKD...

That is HKD$12,764 Which is a good price for this colour dial, but it was written "Customized" meaning that the dial colour has been reworked. Then I will stay away from it.

Check it out:

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