Monday, December 29, 2014

New Year Wishes

There have been so many unpleasant events happened in this year 2015…some loss order, Malaysian Aircraft lost three times… sad…

There we may have a lot of happiness discovered between family members, lovers, colleagues and business partners. Never the less there is less than 2 days before the closures of the 2014 and new year 2015.

Let’s not forget the most pleasant moment we have had in 2014.

Lest forget the most hatred chap once you felt about him no matter he is your staff, friend, separated girl/boy friend… whoever is not important anymore. One day we may become good friend again.

Let’s cherish the life that god had made for you to surpass 2014 without scratches…

As there are friends who suffers from sickness, Cancer, death, and poverty, and yet you are still able to make some rice for yourself and your family and you are living healthily.

Don't blame the income is not good enough and if you go to this web site and you may surprise to see you are one of the World Top 0.1% richest people on Earth.


Comparison is odorous as Mr. Lee Kar Shing does not have your privilege to eat Wanton noodle alone at street store of Sham Shui Po without media surrounding you, you can make an appointment with your girl friend at San Diago Hotel while no one damn cares who you are with…That is Called “Freedom”

Though you may not have that kind of money to buy something that you may need to show off…but at least you are not short of the basic needs… That is a difference between a Pagani Zonda and a Toyota Camry. They all have 4 wheels, 1 engine, air con…. With a difference of Zonda moves with a mileage 12 time worse than Camry and only two seater but it is really eye catching…for what you have paid for 40 times.

 There are likely more than 1 million people poorer than you and what have you done to help them… ?

 You should be glad to have such a nice place Hong Kong that is free from major natural disaster, earthquake, flood, Volcano eruptions…well there are some political turmoil… let those filthy politicians and naive students to take care of it…

Time will tell who is good or bad, but time cannot change the life style you are, as that style drives for your behavior and your behavior drives for action for more output as your personal parget…

I  here wish you to have the best shot of the year for your target Achieved… no matter what…

A Rolex DD Platinum or APRO limited Edition..

A new facelifted Girl friend back from Korea?

A New Position with more responsibility and Likely more income not in proportion.

A Super beauty who you meet at hotel piano bar with an invitation to her Yacht for Sex. 

A healthier body

Your Boss never challenge on your opinion again instead he agrees on our proposal!

A case of 15M Cash drop off on the road at Nathan Road on New year eve?

Whatever… it comes true.

HK Snob

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