Saturday, December 20, 2014

Will the best Rolex Buy be in Moscow?

Saint Petersburg tourist AD at HKIA

Maybe you could get very good price for your dream "Rolex" in Moscow since the Rubles has dropped by 45% in this year compare to US$.

Russian economic trends
When news reports noted the Japanese Yen depreciated more than 17%, the value of the Russian Ruble had plummeted more than 55%. Sanctions imposed by U.S. and Europe in response to Russia’s decision to send troops to Ukraine and plunging global oil prices, were the main reasons behind the Ruble’s depreciation. For a country highly reliant on imports, this will also lead to rising import costs, leading to Russia’s high luminaire costs.

So if this is the right time to go Shopping at Rolex AD at Moscow and Or, Saint Petersburg!?

Is there anybody there now can give me a update on the Rolex Watch they have, and their prices!??

This may be the coming hot spot after Japan to buy Rolex!
HK Snob


susana said...

Mister, but TV news report that the shops in Russia which sell luxurious goods have increased their prices accordingly. I have a friend who flied to Russia last Sat, but she doesn't agree to help to check the prices for me. Perhaps, fans of your blog can verify if the TV news reporting is correct or not.

HK Snob said...

Hi Susana, yes I have asked a Moscow friend to check... I will post some data.

HK Snob

susana said...

good good thumbs up

HK Snob said...

Raymond told me those colourful dial are customized. that is not real Stella dial. may be i was so excited i saw thus morning seeing it. now i have to more study first for more post on Russian watches.