Friday, December 19, 2014

When , What, Why, Who to buy Watches

When, What, Who and Why buy Watch!?
There is a nice chatting with one Singaporean Surean about buying one branded watch in the cities. From what we know there may be a need to clarify some of the concern of what watches we should buy, when we should buy or who we should buy from?

Provided you are having no concern with money, well, you don't have to read this article as only people have limited resources for watch need to spend with caution.

Why we have to buy watches?!?
Simply because you need to buy a watch you like to have for investment, for rewarding yourself for the hard work after you get the bonus, or simply you feel itchy when seeing some of the beautiful watches at the window glass or on someone’ Swinging wrist in front of your eye contact vicinity.

When you should buy the watch?
Of source when the watch is selling at sales, typically for mid-low end one, there is Xmas sales less 30% to 40% for walk-ins, that is pretty good discount that normally we don't have mid-hi end watch, there is no special reason why they will give you special discount, so When?
Yes, when there is an exchange rate drops, such as 1997 When I was in Thailand that baht dropped 100% , I bought a Rolex lady DateJust, an AP, a Cartier at good price in one shot.
Now if you go to Japan, you should be still able to enjoy as Yen has dropped to hell low as with US  Dollar has been pegged with HK Dollars since 1985.,
And You should act fast as most of the people buys the hot GMT master II Black Blue, Daytona Black or White, Submariner Hulk or Black, after a few months, I believe there will be harder to find these watches any more.

Who to buy from?
There is people scare to buy watches from Parallel Import Source, as they feel that an office Authorized Dealer look more comfortable to you, Yes, of course, If you go to Cartier, Chanel, Rolex, Patek Philippe Boutique the way they serve you make you feel like you are King! Of course don't expect they give you a lot of discounts.
How about parallel importers of grey dealer watch? No, they are not official dealer, but as far as I know, many of them were taken out from Watch from AD!, and some of them are very powerful watch Dealer.
Their watches are authentic watches with price less 20% or even more! However they usually do not come with Box, or pay a few hundred more for a Box.

What is the concern if you buy from Grey dealers?
1. Go to shop/Person that has good reputation
2. You know him/them well/ highly recommended from Social Media
3. They usually take CASH only, no card accepted
4. Box with additional Charges,

What to buy!?
That really depends on what you are looking for!?
But One thing that can be as a hints, some of the hottest model is not necessary hot in other country, such as Deepsea, Yacht master II steel and two tone and there is a lot of DeepSea in German,  Sweden and Finland, so that you can buy at a bigger discount there.

Where to Buy?
As there is no tax for watch in HK, naturally, buying in HK might be one of your consideration
and That is why there is almost 90 AD shops selling the Rolex in HK.

So in short what is the best value buy!??
These are some of the samples
DeepSea Ref 116660 black 44mm from grey Dealer (Official List price is $88,000)
Price at AD is $83,600 (5% Disc.)
Price of parallel is about $70,000 to $72,000 (20% off) full set box included

Ref 116680 Yacht Master Stainless Steel 44mm with Blue Ceramic bezel, (official List price $145,300)
Price at AD is $138,035
Price of Parallel Watch is about $116,300 – $115,000 (less 20%)

Ref 116520 Daytona Black list price $90,000
Price at AD is about $97,000 to 98,000 (+10%)
Parallel Watch price is about $90,000 to 92,000 full set.

It is not uncommon that sometimes an official Rolex could be cheaper or similar price of a Parallel watch of hot sport model.
Note, some of the parallel watch network under promotion that offer a brand new Watch Winder as gift with watch purchase.
HK Snob
PS , this is purely personal opinion to share with you.
and the watch price quoted is an estimation for your reference only as different network may have different price.


Anonymous said...

where are the parallel watch stores that you can reccomend?

HK Snob said...

There is no store, contact me You bring me the cash, I give you the Watch!

That is it.

There will be another higher price done at store/shop.

HK Snob