Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Makati Gathering with Philippine Watch and wine Connoisseur!

Makati gathering
I had a time to gather with this gentleman who has been knowing good watch could be one of the investment items like what he has for other investment:  Restaurant, Trading company, other

He loves good watches and exotic wines...In fact he buys wine in cases direct from Chateau.
He doesn't  drink alone and I was invited to go to meet him at this Shopping mall at his restaurant.

He like AP as much as Patek, well, this gentleman bought his AP in Taiwan with less 20% discount, he said he should know me earlier knowing that I get less 28% which could be more cheaper in HK, but I said that 8 % really matters much for a man like him.

We had a bottle of Angelus 1989 then a Bottle of Latour 1988
The Angelus 1989 is known for his strong and powerful tenin and yet giving you a secent of flowers that was the same bottle it showed up on the train appeared in the James Bond movie Royale Casino with by Daniel Craig as James Bond.

More interesting is he likes the AP because of his dual time, but I doubt as the second time zone dial is so small how could he sees the time correctly, he is older than I at least 5 years I believe.

He loves my Diver watch and ask why I like it, I said as I used to go gold watch, it may be fun to try out some expensive watch with cheap low tech material with hi tech to make : Carbon composite.

After I using a few days, I feel I like it as it is big in size, clear to read, and light to wear, and most of the cases I will not be recognized as an Expensive watch, you can travel to Malate to those night club, KTV, local restaurants and bars and no one seems to care what is on your hand.

Note that this man used to put 5 minutes fatser on his watch, he told me this 5 minutes makes him always ahead in schedule!

Makati Snob

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