Tuesday, November 25, 2014

An Early Christmas Wish from HKWF

An early Christmas wish.

There is always a seasonal decoration in town, mall, rich man’s Home, Hotel lobby, street of Kowloon keeps telling me Christmas is coming.

In this particular season, here I wish that the following would come true:

The Students will go back home soon rather than to sleep in street as Winter would show no mercy on you.

May those who claims he is Hong Kong people instead of People of China wake up and find his real identity.

May the one who want to buy a home get it before thirties.

May the salesman meet his target of this year 2014.

May the One who is aged 39 could find a desirable friend of opposite sex to go for Christmas eve’s dinner this year. Would be perfect to engaged before turns out to be 40s!
I don't mean to use 40 is a cut off line as it is for the sake of the giving birth for child, 40 is STILL OK!

May this Season could really bring Hong Kong a peaceful and quiet Christmas.

May those nine Firemen could recover and go back home for Christmas family union.

May all the Watch lover found the best gift he could before the Christmas, no matter a Simple Oyster Date, an AP Offshore or a Jumbo 39 mm 1972 Royal Oak No. 001!

A bit early, but would be better than late to send you all these beautiful watches as early Christmas Greeting from HKWF.

By the way a re-useable Plastic Christmas Tree is better than a real Pine tree in your home!

HK Snob

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