Friday, November 28, 2014

An Aweful Nightmare of Watch, Women, Sex mesmerization


I have a dream, I always have a dream! But this time I had a nightmare.
I was confused as it was hot, like a burning hell’s inferno, I saw some of the most beautiful women dressed in sexy brassieres and were being removed and flown away, I even felt I could smell the blended smell of a perfumes, mixed with burned Wagyu beef probably I took some Wagyu at dinner. I could see a flying dragon who’s sexual organ is huge!
It was vague but I could see some shinning Emerald from a Submariner….
I woke up all in sudden and I took my Note III to drew lines of the scene before my memory would be lost.
It may be I had too much thinking about Sex, women, watches, lousy chaps like dead zombies in the hell (Company?) Oh, It makes me sick! It may be I saw the World War Z at HBO last night before I slept at One!

Ref Rolex Submariner Emerald
Released at BaselWorld in 2010, this “Submariner Emerald” (ref. 116649EM) was produced in a very limited number. Bezel is set with 36 emeralds and 12 brilliant white diamonds and this particular example also has the pave diamond dial with emerald indices. There is known one Rolex AD Shop has One stock!

HK Snob
HK Watch Fever


Anonymous said...

The green sub must have saved you. Haha. Hong Kong is a heaven (and hell) full of sex, woman, and ROLEX.

HK Snob said...

You are right , man!
Hong Kong can be like Hell or Heaven!
Mong Kok and Admiralty is now like what?
Sex is not free in Hong Kong though sex itself should be free. But when you marry a lady for sex , you have to pay her your whole life's salary, time, energy and own freedom.

So , i never go to someone's marriage because i see not so much for celebration.
That is why more and more unmarried women and men devoted themselves for their own choice of living but not going to marry.

Rolex, well it is about H K as H K has 40 % of Rolex 's production 1,000,000 pieces a year. and now sooner will be taken up by China as largest importer in say 5 years time.

The green Submariner, or the Submariner Emerald definite a good stuff to free me as it is $2,850,000.

I am not even think of buying it.

Dai Lo, thanks for your comment, wish you had a Green Sub too!

H K Snob

Anonymous said...

when it come to sex, don't buy when you can lease, and don't lease when you can rent. Always buy a Rolex though as it is a appreciating asset if you choose the model correctly. I enjoy reading your blog, so you are the real Dai Lo. Thank you.

HK Snob said...

When come to sex, now I found out that there is isn't free, may be free for the first time no matter lease, rent, but you may be paying her whole life.

So buy a Sex seems to be the wisest way!

When People gets old, sex is not everything , he may wants security, caring, and one to stay with you for rest of the life!

Watch is simply, just choose what you like most buy it and use it everyday... this is the best purchase. One good watch is better than 100 that isn't good enough!

my opinion only.

HK Snob