Friday, October 24, 2014

This Rolex has All the Prefered Features of HK Watch Fever Readers' choice

After several votes from HKWF readers, these are the summary of what most of all prefer or like when they choose Rolex!
Choice Of watch
Submariner is No.1 most preferred choice
Following up is GMT Master II, then Daytona and Explorer

Day Just and Day Date
Day Just II is No.1 reader’s favourite, then Day Date 36mm

Choice of Material
White Gold is on top of the list, then Platinum, rose gold and then yellow gold
Base on this information, the following watch Might be the people’s Choice as BEST of the Rolex
As it is big, it is Submariner, it is made of White Gold!  It is
Ref 116619LB Submariner in White Gold!
List price HKD$263,600
HK Watch Fever
HK Snob


JTK said...

Holy Snob! A Submariner for $34,000 USD ($263,000 HKD)??? That's insane!
I wonder how many people will actually pay for one? You're treading into territories of complication watches from haute horology brands with that kind of pricing.

HK Snob said...

yes, I met one chap who bought it three years ago, who took this watch to go LA to make Sex Movie.
And Only I can recognize him by this watch.
He is a man of charism, and he is of course had a bit more money to spend on this kind of watch.

And a colleague of mine is seriously consider to buy this wacth just he said "it is beautiful!"

Think of the other way a name of watch CXX with a simply quartz movement and some of the small diamond that hardly can be seen without magnifying glass will take you US$40K for a lady watch!?
That is only one reason, it is beautiful.

I am not keen to buy this as I think really it is quite expensive, but that is waht someone wants "Expensive"
Anyway, the new GMT Master II white gold ie even 25% more expensive that this!

Thanks for continuous support my blog!

HK Snob

JTK said...

Cxx??? Cartier!

HK Snob said...