Saturday, October 25, 2014

My faulty Tissot T touch first Generation can get a new replacement

My Beautiful Tissot T-Touch 1st gen.

Tissot large Ad at The One Tissot AD

I used to have three Tissot T Touch, with two of them Titanium and one stainless steel.
The one I bought in 2008 was a First generation T-touch. It got faulty with all the function gone.
I decided to go to Tissot asking for repair.

They have no more PCB circuit board for the first generation T-Touch. and I was asked to get a replacement of 2nd Generation (third generation? I m not so sure as of this moment) with a payment of HKD$2,000.

They will send me the watch from Tissot Swiss and They will scrap my beautiful Design Tissot T-touch.

I think  Tissot has a great service to those who are their supporters, I was the first few who bought the watch.

HK Snob

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