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There is no Counterfeit for Quality

Quality product
Counterfeit is not new, in fact back to Roman times, Counterfeit money was punished by death, the Roman also counterfeited wine and the ancient Egyptians made counterfeit precious stones such as emeralds.

Ulfberht Swords
The city of Solingen was the Toledo or Damascus of Northern Europe; swords that came from Solingen, particularly from the family of swordmakers known as Ulfberht, were revered, and many counterfeit sword makers stamped the word “Ulfberht” on their blades to give them more value. In fact, the early Viking swords are often said to have been the predecessors to the knightly broadswords/arming swords of the middle ages. Swords from the Viking lands (including Northern Germany) have a long and distinguished history through the middle ages, and the swords they used were made by German stamped “Ulfberht” it is sharp and yet tough but not easy to break, whereas there were a lot of fake sword stamped “Ulfberht” were sold to the Vikings, once the Vikings fight with it to their enemies,.. it broke and caused their life…

I used to have a Polo shirt labeled in “ Made in USA” when I bought it is 1996 until now I am still using it. It is soft and tough to wear and tear, I used to have a few Gregory back packs with label “Proudly made in the USA”,  How many types of shirt that carry a motif of alligator, or Crocodile on it?! Probably 20 types . how can you tell the difference of them… I hardly can! As there are too many label using an Alligator as their brand name. 

Counterfeit In China
We have heard about a lot of China Made counterfeit Goods. There are a lot of fake Rolex, Fake Omega, Panerai, fake eggs, Fake Soya sauce made of human hair, Fake Ferrari F40, Fake peanut oil by diluting with the sewage collecting from hotel ditches, fake Bird’s nest, what else? Fake “Baby-Boy” who by sticking a fake genital on “baby-girl” selling at RMB 88,000 to a Shanghai man, 3 days later he found out that the genital dropped out during the bath with the “Boy”. China can fake almost everything as there are a lot of scientists and chemists, they could be super genius if they apply these Hi-tech into a proper way, what are the ethics of conduct in front of huge profit by making Fake Products.

Counterfeiting by Hi-tech
It wouldn't be surprise that Counterfeiting is a organized crime, they have factory in China, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong, They make digital Fakes with some kind of Minolta laser Scanner and 3D Vision recognition system that can copy your watch in less than 4 minutes, with a near perfect 3-D picture digital version of your watch, they can easily perform a Reverse engineering and create the exact dimension in AutoCAD or Solid Edge programme, these programmes can be fed into an micro CNC machine to reproduce the same piece of part of your watch with a tolerance of not more than 5 microns.

However they can not reproduce the same quality of the part as the material is different.
Like a Ulfberht sword that no one could copy as it takes a tedious works to mix with metals with different types and there was a technique that only Ulfberht knows on how to control the fire temperature and the tempering duration, it takes many days  to make a good words! In short, there is no way to copy the quality.

Likewise Watch like Rolex can not be copied, as they have a lot of works to do in order to make such watch… they copy the shape and the case but the quality of the parts could hardly be copied, besides there is enormous process control parameters to make such parts and to assemble them, only Rolex knows how.

Made in Switzerland,
Made in China, Made in France, Made in Germany, Proudly made in the USA, made in Switzerland, made In India … we may associate each of these labels with an image  entrenched in that culture of that Countries...
BMW is made in Germany, immediately I think of German Engineering  which is likely best in the world… My old man told me a story the Japanese made the world smallest pin and gave to German, the German Said, “I can drill a hole in the Pin!”

With these name in Quality it stands for, each denotes a reality whose contour are more or less clearly defined each extols its virtues and draw a modest veil over the darker side. Beyond attesting to a guaranteed origin, all these flag-bearers for a country’s savoir-faire have a perfectionist goal.

“Designed by Apple In California, Assembled in China  Unimaginable twenty years ago,, this sudden about turn, instigated by the brilliant and already sadly-missed Steve Jobs.

How about the Watch that is “Swiss Made?” Swiss made is a fabulous ambassador for Swiss Quality. Many are those legitimately benefit from it, with 24 carat tricksters  and other prestidigitators following in their wake. The same ones who magically made a component disappeared in Asia to then pull it out of a hat in Genève! Or Vice-versa to feed the torrent of so-called Quality Counterfeit or so-called Grade A Fake in Low Wo Commercial centre at Shenzhen.

There is no way by means of legal framework or customs raid, or police control to prevent us from Achieving anything more ambitious that current standard, let’s take a different approach: Self-regulation. Swiss Made is not just a guarantee as much as a promise.

Swiss Made stands for the watch are made in Switzerland, and

“Swiss Made” It stands for Trust and credibility. Swiss made remains the foremost ambassador for Swiss watch making  To define Swiss made, players should would do well, to accept the rules of authenticity, transparency and respect…

And I believe the end user’s appreciation is the best to tell how good the watch is. Swiss made does not necessarily represent Good Quality, but from the historical data, a Swiss Made watch has already carried this message’ Swiss Quality is Guaranteed” and Swiss quality does mean already certain good quality by itself!

Quality is the basic requirement for a product to be successful, Quality interpret s as good value for money, it lasts and it performs well above your expectation.
It carries the traditions, history, ethics of good workmanship and test before shipment to you and offer a good after-sales service, this is a Basic need for Swiss Quality Watch.

So next time, we should go for a genuine watch from the proper Authorized Agent or shops. Those who sells you a Rolex at a fraction of price we normally pay for is Fake, and We should not support this.

The Definition of “ Swiss Made”
There are two conditions that must be fulfilled for goods to be legally labeled as being of Swiss origin:
  • The Swiss portion of the production cost must be at least 50%.
  • The most important part of the manufacturing process must have taken place in Switzerland. The “most important part of the manufacturing process” is that part of the process that results in a completely new product. The
But there are a lot of rule issue at different time in defining the terms Swiss Made, by Swiss Law, the above one was widely been used.
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