Friday, October 12, 2012

The Super Early Royal Oak

The Very First Royal Oak now assigned as Reference 15400 41mm, Ever.
That is dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the Royal Oak firstly introduced in 1972.
They have a ton of interesting RO's to choose from, including several LE's.  But, the two Royal Oak's from the collection that we're most excited about are relatively simple watches.  The first, as seen above, is actually the very first 41mm Royal Oak. The reference 15400 that was introduced in SIHH this year. is now ready for you to order Price HKD$132,000.
There are only limited shipment to HK, Dial colour Grey, white and Blue. Remember earlier the Auction for the original 1972 39MM Junbo watch was HKD$225,000.00!
Now you can get a new one at a fraction of the aution price!
HK Snob


Relax said...

So is it on sale in Hk already now ?

How much discount given?

Waiting list?

HK Snob said...


yes...I have enquired that LP is $142,000

Walk in is 10% or so...

Someone may get less 15% I guess.

Limited stock available

HK Snob