Thursday, October 11, 2012

The HK Master of Time

Asian's most famous watch connoisseurs Chung Wing Lun Alain died on 8 Oct in HK. He was born in 1951 in a rich family of Guangzhou, fond of writing, football, started new life in HK when he was studying  middle school, had managed Hi Fi audio business in HK in the 80's and started to publishing Watch Critics 名錶論壇 magazine in HK. Gradually becoming the leading magazine on watches. It is one of the most representible magazines of watch in Asia.
He likes wine tasting, food, cars, and fountain pen collection.
He has collection of over 400 pieces of watches and probably 300 fountain pens.
What's about this genius is his knowledge about watches and pen collection.
Though he has so many collectible watches yet what he said: It is a Kind of enjoyment whilst waiting for the next more adorable watch…” time is moving on whiles he had completed his journey on Earth, Wish he had the best in his new life.
I feel bore as we can not read anymore of his article with sharp and biting critics about watches no more!
Aftermath, I should not take too much wine, as I have similar hobby as Alain Chung; Watch, Fountain Pen, Wine, Hi Fi, Vinyl collection, calligraphy, and … of course I can not compare my watches with his collection as I am just a 2 feet dwarf standing in front of the Colossal!
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Joseph Wang said...

It has been since 1991, and God knows what I have been through... and I forgive him his debt. Sigh!
Joseph (Alfred) Wang
Singapore (Audio Suite - Where music lovers MET)