Monday, October 15, 2012

No Fakes Pledge Scheme

Picture taken at HKIA by HTC One handphone

Hong Kong was known to be the Paradise for Shopping, this statement may still valid as we have the largest number of watch shops and some of the name in luxury goods per square kilometer in certain area like South Tsim Shat sui.
Some people ask me where to buy Rolex that is for sure no Fake one!
I would have to recommend them going to these “No Fakes Shops” with this label… This word “ is a adjective means “Real” or “good” in Chinese.  
Without that, I can not say they would likely selling the fake Rolex, but they may not be recognized by the Intellectual Property Department of HK that this is a shop that selling Real good stuff. If I were you, especially foreigner, try to go to shops with this label, it should be displayed in the shops window or displayed outside the entrance.

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