Thursday, September 13, 2012

Rolex OysterQuartz White Gold Ref, 19019

Another White Gold Rare Species, Rolex OysterQuartz Ref, 19019
Rolex Was made a new technology conquering other Swiss Watches by launching a OysterQuartz which is a migration from mechanical watch into Electronics Watch, they obtained the first patent mechanical Electronics Quartz Watch back to 1952.
In the book written by British Collector James M. Dowling “The best of Time” mentioned that there were 21 amongst 50 Rolex patents were related to Electronic watches.
Rolex had announced the Digital LED Sport watch under Ref 7056 prototype, don't worry, it has not been on sales. If you got one, you will be very Rich!

First Rolex Quartz model, the Ref, 5100. built with Beta 21 in 1970, same Movement as Enicar and Omega was using. They made 1,000 pieces, then started to make Rolex’s Own Electronics Quartz movement. In 1978, after 5 years research and development, Rolex introduced Cal. 5035 on its DATEJUST and Cal. 5055 on the Famous DAY-Date.

They're an analogue thermo-compensation 11 jewel movement (one of the worlds first) that utilized the latest CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) which has an advantage of low power consumption. And the heart of the digital time circuitry with a 32khz Quartz oscillator. This was likely the Rolex’ most Accurate Movement. It was made under such a great care to treat it like a piece of Gem, highly polished. Beautifully insert into the Solid, Robust, Sturdy Oyster Case.

OysterQuartz was extremely rare as they were produced in such a small number of 1,000 pieces a year, Since 1977 till 2001, they have totally made with a number less than 25,500 pieces. That is a small number in comparing with 150,000 mechanical Movement a year in the 70’s till close to 1,000,000 a new nowadays,  That is so rare to be found now.

Imagine also Rolex produced 10 pieces of stainless steel watch, only about 3 two tone and 1
So , this Ref 19019 is the rarest species of Rolex watch. If you can find a special Dial White Gold OysterQuartz, please send me a picture… How About Platinum? I have never heard of.. How about Stainless steel OysterQuartz, it must be the Prototypes, I you can find one , that may be the only one on Earth!

Now A day, a Ref, 19019 Rolex OysterQuartz White Gold may value about HKD$120,000. if you can have a special Dial like Red, Blue or Yellow ( I think it might not have)  the Price is a few folds higher I guess!
So When people wear a White Gold OysterQuartz, that is a real Collectible Item.
HK Snob
The above White Gold OysterQuartz was a Courtesy Picture oif Chrono24, and the One Yellow Gold OysterQuartz is mine, and I had once owned a Solid Yellow gold Black Dial without Diamond and two Two Tone Black Dial. I am looking forward to buy the one in White Gold from one of the Hong Kong Collectors. Just have to match with timing that I have that amount of money at same time he needs to sell it...
Also I missed buying the very special OysterQuartz from friend of mine last year, I feel regret now as it was in mint condition, great design and great FAT body (not been  polished)... I think this watch has less than 30 pieces in teh world!



Adrian Tsang said...

The Egyptian one is a rare bird nowadays. I have never seen it in the metal but it believe it should be a stunning one.

HK Snob said...

That was one Paul wanted to sell me as he had not enough bullet to buy. I had bought another one and I skipped it. I miss one of the most beautiful Watches from Rolex.
I bet I can not see this EGYPTIAN anymore!!
And most of all, price was sweet!!
Anyway, this is fun for searching good Rolex.
When you have some money, there is no watch; when I have no money; a lot of good watch is touring around your eyes!
HK Snob
Paul had bought an mint like OysterQuartz White Gold Ref, 19019!!
I am waiting for him to feel he needs to sell, I will take it...
As I like White Gold Rolex

Anonymous said...

Have you ever seen any pictures of the 7056 LED Rolex? Would be fantastic to see....

HK Snob said...

No, I could not find it and Really I wish I could have that picture!
HK snob