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Price Information of new and used Rolex in HK, Thailand, Singapore, Europe

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New Watch from Rolex AD
Many countries Rolex AD had started increasing Rolex Price, but still the official price of Rolex HK is cheaper than many countries. For an example, Rolex Daytona official price in HK is HKD$98,000, whereas they are selling About HKD$100,800 in Thailand.

For an example, Rolex Submariner Ref, 1l6610LN in HK is HK$62,100, after 5% discount will be, HK$58,800
In Bangkok , they were selling Baht 270,000, after 5% discount will be HKD$65,769 base on Exchange rate 1 HKD=3.9 Baht
That is a difference of  HKD$6,969. that is a price good enough to buy a Tissot Touch+

Rolex Ref 178341 Rolex Datejust Lady 31mm (RG/SS - Brown – Diamonds) Rolex HK AD is selling HK$99,600 less 5% HK$96,200  where as in  Thailand is selling USD$13000 , that is HKD$101,010 net. So HK is HKD$4,810.

UAE is likely Cheapest for Rolex
UAE is 10-12% lower than HK for all Rolex model except Daytona Steel, Daytona Black white is now AED 45,000.00 on 13 July 2012, So next time you go there, do not forget to buy one

Due to their strong Singapore dollar 1 SDG=7.9, they would be cheap to buy Rolex in HK , but I know that you know the shops in Singapore, their discount can be up to 15%. So there may be a good bargain if you negotiate with the shops in Singapore
I still remember I bought 4 Explorer I new in Peoples’ Park with HKD$14,000 each , at that time HK was selling HKD$18,000. that was 1996.

In April 2012
Rolex Daytona Ref, 116520 Either black and White Dial, HK Rolex AD is selling HKD$98,000 net but We can get it HKD$97,000 in Praque, HKD$93,000 in Vienna but
HKD$100,500 in Budapest. Desmond told me that he bought aDaytona 116520 white dial in Switerland with Euro 8,903 (HKD$89,920) after discount and tax refund in August. So that is a good price!

In grey dealer in HK, we can get it with HKD$950,000 to HKD$96,000
So they are quite close, with Vienna cheapest.
Note that there are more Black Dial in Manila Makati as Philippino like White more than Black, but in HK, more people like black and few likes White. Price of White and Black dial is by right the same price.

Pre-owned Watch price update in HK
I had a short tour to some of the shops in Sham Shui Po Like Luen Shing and Kuen Kee we can see the price of Rolex Watches are:

Submariner ref, 116610 HKD$35,000-
GMT master HKD$52,800-
Submariner Blue Dial Two Tone HKD$49,800
Ref 10460M Submariner without date HKD$29,800
GMT master 40mm HKD$35,000

Kuen Kee pricing  (latest update 23 Sep 2012)
Ref, 16600 Submariner is selling HKD$38,000 to 47,500
Explorer II Ref, 16571 is selling HKD$28,900 to 39,000
My Comment is that if you are fond of Two Tone, The Rolex Submariner is worth to buy as their price is attractive, may be people tends to go for either solid gold and Stainless steel, so Two Tone is being ignored, that is a good deal if you like them!

Price was the listed price on the shop on 9 September, that is a price for your reference only, there are more expensive one depending on condition, some are coming with original Warranty certificate and box.

You can get another HKD$500-1,000 discount depending how well you know the shops and your skill in negotiation.

From what the price I know It is cheaper to buy new Rolex in UAE and Daytona in Switerland.

Note, Overseas prices are supplied by Rolex Fans in my blog, that is for your reference as there is factors like timing and Exchange Rate for that country.

Sham Shui Po Snob


liza said...

Rolex is sold all over the world. You should make sure that the shop you buy sells authentic Rolex watches.

HK Snob said...

Hi Liza,
You ae right, that I why I emphasize those shops with name of high reputation in HK. They have a track record of selling anthentic Rolex for over 20 years. There are so many shops sellig Rolex in HK. We just can not tell if they really selling good stuff, but one thing for sure in HK is: they dare not selling fake Rolex as just for once that their shop will be gone forever.
Luen Shing has been selling pre-owned Rolex for at least 25 years. Kuen Kee has been selling Rolex for more than 30 years, he is the whole seller to Singaporean, Thai, Malaysian Dealers.
In so far we have not heard of one case selling Fake one. That is why I recommend people to go there though their price is tough but they are selling good stuff.
Liza, thanks for the important message. I can imagine what the feeling was, as I had a chance to buy a suspected Fake Rolex in a big shopping centre opposite the Sogo in Thailand in 1997, but on my next occassion I brought that Rolex to them, they bought back, I was happy. As they might know what they sell and they mght also did not know they had bought fake one. But they have good credibility to buy back! at least I felt better thought I lost 10% on that, but It was OK. As in one day I bought three watches in that Shop., One Rolex DJ lady red dial two tone, One cartier Santos Auto Two tone men, One AP 18KT lady which I still keep it with me.
HK Snob

Adrian Tsang said...

My experience is that the list price in UAE is higher than the one in HK. I bought a Daytona in Arbu Dhabi several years ago. The list price there at that time was around HKD82,000 whereas the one in HK was HKD78,500. The only good thing is that it is easier to take away a SS Daytona with black dial from a shop without any waiting.

HK Snob said...

Dear Adrian,
Most likely this is true as another friend told me that DJ or Sub is cheaper in UAE than HK but not Daytona. And as I know that is not too difficult to gat a Black Dial in Rolex AD HK now, may be i know the shops now? Particularly it is easy in Makati as most of the people there like White more than Black! But Pity that I have not much time to go shopping in Makati.
Problaly I will go to makati and study the Price of Rolex and Come back to you!

mesnujecu said...

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HK Snob said...


Thanks for the words!

HK Snob