Friday, September 14, 2012

A Passion for Watch

Sometimes we are not aware we are in the material world until you see some other people…who...
I met today and he has a great idea to use a safety pin to wrok as his watch buckle… See attached picture.

My old man taught me do not compare with other, as some one may just spend a few million dollars to buy his third car… Well, I may save up one year salary to buy a “better watch!”
Well! So long you like what you have and you enjoy what you have, and you treasure what you have with passion… that is the greatest joy of life….

I like Rolex… don’t think that I earn money easily… I have one third of my time being complained by customers, one third of my time complained by family asking me why work so late and one third of my time being questioned and scolded by boss! So what?

When I have time I look at my toys… I use a magnifying glass to see how precise, and how beautiful that Rolex dial…how perfect the Oyster curvature body can be so smooth as It was polished by Robot at such a precision of 0.3 microns

I wait until midnight and see when the Date and Day wheels to advance once with that Crystal Clear sound of ‘ Tick”…  and it happens EXACTLY at 00:00 midnight!
That is the joy that could overcoming all other nuisance and unhappiness I had today.

Tomorrow I wear this watch to work! And start another hard day’s life. But once I see my Rolex, it seems smiles to me!

Since we have to work hard, please treat yourself with a bit RESPECT, go buy a decent Rolex by year end to REWARD what I have suffered for the whole year!

And Please do not put that Rolex in the dark, cold Safe in the bank… you should wear it on you warm live write and give it a few round of twist… it will gain it life and go with you!

HK Snob


HK boy said...

Dont spend too much time working in the office my man. At the death bed, nobody ever complains that one spends too much time in the office. 珍惜眼前,活在當下
And enjoy wearing your watch.

HK Snob said...

Hi HK Boy,
You are right, that was why I put words in the blogs.

When one dies on the computer because of Workaholics, no one will appreacite nor say "thanks!" to you.
The obituary from the company may say "HK Snob, working in our company for 30 years, not so contributive, though he work QUITE hard, he did not work smart,,died of heart attack yesterday, likey becasue he lost a Rolex Day Date! But our Admin staff found it today in his office!"

Well you are right...珍惜眼前,活在當下..
I take this words in heart

HK Snob