Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Favourite Choice for 6 Rolex Watches

If I were asked to choose the Top Six beloved Rolex model!?
That is a tough question and honesty, the reply will defers from person,
As if you are an active sportsman, you may like to take DeepSEA as the top one beloved Rolex, and Submariner as the 2nd.
If you are an old man who is a business who need to travel and had a lot of opportunity to have meeting and then the Top one Might be Date Day or GMT Master II.
If your are a man who wear jean and plain short for most of the time, a Milgauss and or Date Just Stainless steel would be your best partner for years.
If I were asked to Choose the best 5 Rolex. I will have no question to choose.
1.Rolex Day Date Platinum Ice Blue dial plain Bezel.
2. Rolex Day Date White Good White Dial Fluted Bezel
3. Rolex Daytona Pink Gold
4. Submariner Blue Dial White gold on Oyster Strap
5. DeepSEA
6. Milgauss green Crystal
This is my personal Choice Only
Yau Ma Tei Snob

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