Friday, August 19, 2011

China's Sea Dragon in diving to a depth of 5038 Metres

A Chinese manned submersible Sea Dragon carrying three people successfully reached a depth of 5,038.5 meters during a test dive conducted in the Pacific Ocean at 0357 27 July.
China, initiating the Jiaolong project in 2002, is the fifth country to send a man 4027 meters below sea level, following the United States, France, Russia and Japan.
23 Jan, 1960 US Navy’s experimental bathyscaphe, the Trieste, descended into Mariana Trench successfully to the deepest known on the Earth’s surface at record of 10916 metres, with Pressure of 1 metric tone pressure per square Centimeters! Being a Chinese, I feel great though we are late comer on this but we have to go for next trial for deeper. People may think that we have been late for Going into the space after 41 years Apollo 11 landed on Moon, though there is debat recently shown on Discovery that some of the landing video might be fake. China started its first Aircraft Carrier after Cheng Wo conquered the South China Sea and Indian Ocean after 602 years. But Don't laugh at that as there will be always the Mission Impossible in China.

Don't forget 10 years ago no one could expact a Black People could be President of The US.No one could imagine that China could be the biggest US debt holder. according to World Bank, by 2045, China economy scale will be THREE times of USA!
Back to 1960, The Prototype Rolex was attached at the outside of the Trieste and was found working normally after surface, I did not see both US Lieutenant Don Walsh and Jacques Piccard (Swiss) worn any Watch or Rolex on his wriest!
I doubt if the Chinese inside JiaoLong worn a Rolex DeepSEA or not!? DeepSEA can stand down to 3900 Metres under water, insofar, the best professional divers watch for general purpose.
But one thing for sure a Brand Name is hard to copy, Like Rolex... Who can make a better and Cheaper Deep Sea Divers watch commercially!?

HK Snob

PS The upper picture is Trieste 1960, the lower one is China's Jiaolong 2011.

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