Monday, August 8, 2011

Is Rolex considered a conspicuous consumption item in HK?!

Yesterday when I went to CitiSuper Gateway TST intending to shop for some Japanese beef for my daughter, when I entered the pay line. I was shock to see that there is having 6 persons wearing Rolex… really that is more or less a watch show. It was probably co-incident m but I noticed what watch people wears. They are White Gold Rolex Daytona on leather strap on a young lady’s right wrist, mid size Stainless steel Rolex Date Just with pink dial, Rolex Submariner black dial and bezel, Rolex Date Just two tone boy size. Rolex Thunderbird stainless steel, a Panerai. I was wearing my Rolex Yellow gold Day Date Purple dial.
Well, those area are usually you can see a lo of middle class people and It was Saturday, a lot of shoppers.
Since we have been labeled Rolex for many years as the most luxury brand in Asia, after Louis Vitton. More people is intending to buy a Rolex if he does not yet have one, to buy more as is he is a Rolex lover… to buy many if he is serious collector.
The reason why people like Rolex? It can retain its value, as even after you have been using for 10 years still you can sell it at a rather good price.
On the other hand, the service support is very good at Rolex Authorized Service Centre, they are efficient.
The other major reason is Rolex has a good reputation of durable, reliable, accurate, functional and beautiful, it does not need Tourbillon, or perpetual calendar, or repeater. it is a simple time telling function, extremely watch-proof! And Rolex never go out of Fashion!
As Far as I think, Rolex watches can not be considered as a conspicuous consumption in HK. It is an Investment, a man's accessory, a piece of Swiss WatchMaster egineering works.. Rolex is a life time investment. A honest beautiful time piece for many many years.

HK Snob


what is my watch worth said...

this timepiece is totally a good investment just like you mentioned on your some of them are being imitated..lets just be sure that the one you'll be getting is authentic.

HK Snob said...

That is why I am learning on how to tell what a Authentic watch should look like. Thanks for the comment!
HK Snob