Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Passion For White Gold

White Gold Looks to be White and brighter than Silver as Silver tends to get tarnish after some time. 18K White Gold is a mix of 75% Yellow gold and 25% of other alloy such as nickel, zinc, copper, tin, and manganese (and sometimes palladium). A jeweler once told me that white gold is actually more expensive to make than yellow gold.
Most diamonds are actually set in white gold to make them appear bigger. Take a look at a yellow gold ring and you will usually find a white gold setting.
In terms of value Platinum, White Gold, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, Silver.
You use to be able to buy white gold at the same price as yellow gold. That was until it started to become more popular that is.
I think white gold is for those who like silver, but want to wear gold. Depending on your skin tone, as to which you should wear. On some people gold is too close to their skin colour and silver looks much better.
A little off the track, but astrologically, yellow gold is the metal for the Sun and Leo in particular. It works well with all fire signs. Silver is the metal for Cancer and the Moon, but also works well with water signs.
Some Country like India, Thailand, Mexico, Southern America, Vietnam and China people like Yellow gold more than White. And Especially Chinese., the Chinese meaning of White gold has the same meaning of the money for condolerence.. Which is bad for those Superstitious people. I am OK for that!
Someone especially old folks like yellow gold as they say White Gold looks like stainless steel or silver which is Cheap. And Yellow gold ha sits own shinny gold colour that nothing can substitutes.
I think White gold has a cleaner look as in jeweler in my opinion and white gold does enhance diamonds Anyway its white gold for me for important sentimental jeweler such as engagement ring, silver looks like white gold.
White Gold looks more low profile and More elegant to wear. I like Platinum if I can afford, that kind of grayish White Colour is like magic…
I like it so much, but Platinum is a kind of precious metal which is Expensive and hard to process.
Some people have said that white gold looks cheap...I used to think white gold and silver were interchangeable. They are not the same as Acidic People ‘s skin acid would react with Silver to get it tarnish and Blackened… But White Gold stay White all the time. So Silver and White Gold is not same.
If I can afford, I prefer Platinum, White gold, Pink gold, Yellow gold and then Silver…
This is my accessories for going work: A 18KT White Gold Rolex Day Date Watch. A pair of 18KT White Gold Cuff link, a 18KT White Gold Chain, a 18KT White Gold and 0.3 CT Diamond Tie Clip, A Sterling Silver Pilot Fountain Pen and Sterling Tiffany Silver money Clip…

I recently knowing that the White Gold Rolex Day Date is roughy HKD$38,000 more expensive than the same Model with Yellow Gold,,, so the White Gold by right is more expensive, less high profile for a man with a white skin texture... if your skin is dark, he should wear yellow Gold... My thought only... Most of the Chinese Rich man now is buying Yellow gold Rolex Day Just the Rolex shop at The One TST... They might need another 5 years to know what I am trying to say... They are rich in pocket but not too keen about the taste...
Tsim Sha Tsui Snob

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