Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Rolex Shopping in Macao

Macao has become the entertainment capital of the Far East the in more ways than one.
Certainly, the clusters of magnificent hotel, casinos, resorts, mall, restaurants, spa, massage palours and show venues that have transformed its landscape in the past ten years exert a power allure. But it's been almost thrilling to simply observe the breathtaking paces of the development of the infrastructures. With each new building striving to nudge the height of luxury just a little higher than the last. Seating beside the Venetian Hotel is the new bigger thing, the 550,000 sqm mega Resort Galaxy Macao. Constructed at a cost of HKD$15.9B. Will soon be commencing for welcoming your visit.
But I do have some of my deepest thought of This Little place.
Every where is Chinese, Rich Chinese, At least I have seen 20 Gold Rolex Day Date, mostly Yellow Gold, means that the Yellow Gold is the favourite choice for Rolex for Those Chinese…Omega, once in a while an AP Perpetual Calendar.
They are all lingering in the Lisboa Casinos or the Venetians… They all wear Louis Vitton or Gucci bags, Nice Italian Shoes but Aquascutum suit with the label still sticking on the left sleeves.
They spent ten thousand token on the gambling table as nothing as the way as I spend ten dollar.
Beside the street, you can see a lot of Pawn Shops, and by a rough estimation, I think there are at east 500 Pawn Shops in Macao. They all carry Rolex. And you can see a lot of Rolex. Of course can not find those Antique. One. Or rare Colour dial. Like Purple , Yellow or Orange…
I can estimate that there are at least 150,000 Rolex in the Shops of Macao, next is Omega, AP, Piaget, and PP….
Price!!? They are marked up at least 200-300% as that price of in Hong Kong. Some of the used Rolex is almost the same price of the new stick in Rolex Shop of Hong Kong. Well, they are preparing for your negotiation, as Chinese Like to negotiation. But some how if they do not know the price, even after less 50% discount, the article you buy is possible still more expensive than those watch of the same type as in Hong Kong…

As Chinese will be the major Visitors to Macao, Estimated to be 60% and 20% is from HK and Other Asian Countries, the way they spend money well I name Chinese Is the most Extravagent as comparing with other people. Hong Kong People seems to be vry low Profile now., has to be as Hong Kong People is no long Treated as "Big Spender" anymore as we were in 80's.
Buying watch, I still recommend HK is the best Place as for the qaulity of the watch we sell, and price is Right.So next time when you win some big bucks in the casino. And if you should not mind too much for the discount s your money is coming from Gambling… have a Happy Shopping Rolex in Macao!

HK Snob


888 said...

Hi sir how much is the net price of date just 179173 mop w/dia ,179171 steel pink w/dia. Rx179384 -rx 179171 black NG? Thanks in advance!

HK Snob said...

Hi 888,

Ref 179173 MOP w/dia,  $97430
Ref 179384  Pink Dia w.dia  $113,630, sunbeam dial  $99,050
Ref 179171 $87,890
This price is net to you.
Mail me for more illustration.
 Hk Snob

COLLABERATORZ Ouija Able said...

Hi. I've been browsing around Macau watch shops myself. And I'm wondering about the AUTHENTICITY of the watches. I realized that most of the diamond bezels and dials are done after-market. But what about the watches themself? Are they real, and are there replicas? I saw a lot of the shops selling the same models. Especially Day-Date yellow gold, and Daytonas with diamond bezels which raised suspicions. Thanks in advance.

HK Snob said...

Hi Ouija Able
I cannot tell here as if may affect their business, But as you know and as you said there are apparent a lot of After Market Diamond Bezel, this point., I can not say No, even in some of the Shops selling Rolex in HK, but usuallly Honest Shop will tell you What is that, of course they are smart to read you, if you seem a Rolex Man , they tell, or they keep silent. Some of those Watches are
more expensive that you could buy in Rolex AD. Some of them is too Cheap that shock you, being a Smart buyer, we need go to Shops having good and perhaps best Reputation.
Or bring a Rolex man to check...
HK Snob