Saturday, April 30, 2011

Zenith Chronometer

This is a rare, A Zenith Chronometer, as it is the same Zenith movement El Primero as Rolex Daytonas before 2002. Well, There is no screw type Scrowns for start stop timming, the overall size and profile is similar as Rolex Daytona. The gold strap is even heavier than Daytona's.

The Name makes the difference as price of this precision time piece is less than that of Rolex Daytona. That is the Market driver world... What can we say?

HK Snob


Olqinu said...

Hi, this is indeed a very rare timepiece which I found no information about it......I'm quite interested in this watch and wondered do you have a reference no. or a proper name for this watch ??

HK Snob said...

Hi Loqinu,
This is good quetsion, I need some time to find out name of this watch. This is a Massive watch that is accurate, beautiful and in fact CHEAP, as this movement is in fact was the one Rolex Daytona was used.
Friend of mine showed me and Asked me to buy with HKD$38,000 at that time. But he sold to some one later.
HK Snob