Friday, May 12, 2017

Interview for a new Job

Above is young engineer's Sea-Dweller Ref 16600 (Year 2000)
Below is my Submariner Ref 16800 (Year 1982)

A Young engineer was asking me buying a Rolex since May last year and he had limited budget like HK$30K

And a while I sold him a full set Explorer II 16570 white dial, and he was jumping away with gratitude after wearing that watch.

Once in a while I met him in and he said the watch is running perfect and he loves it…

Two day ago he came to me saying that  ”Paul, I have to leave, because your Rolex had helped me working in another new company… I said WHY as we are in a World No. greatest Company!


He said he had been thinking of changing new job, new opportunity he is not quite a style of a R&D engineer and would like to change to be a sales person. So he went for an interview... in a Public Listed Technology company….
While he said down and not too long later, the interviewing manager spotted his Rolex and asked ” Wow, you are wearing a Rolex? “

He said yes, this is a simple Explorer II… The guy said, “No, it is not simple. Every Rolex carries a Story… and He was wearing a Yacht master II…. And they kept talking about his experience and the interviewer about the job offer, FINALLY… He got a new job in this Company, as a sales Manager station in China.


The Manager then invited the Rolex Gang to see him… The CEO wears a Day-Date in white Gold, The Chairman wears a DeepSea D blue….


My Colleagues talked to me, that was a wonderful experience to have such an interview and he said these few people is Rolex Lovers… and now he is…


Well, He asked for an upgraded and I got back his Explorer II and I passed him this Sea-Dweller 16600..

He runs away and I believe this new young man one day will come to be as an Important Asian Collector of Rolex!


HK Snob 

A True story…


Anonymous said...

Yup. My boss wears a batman GMT Master II, CEO wears a Milgauss, and I sheepishly wear a White Daytona :)

HK Snob said...

Oh, You are the Man, Don't know If your CEO has noticed that?
Two way, he envy you, or he will be forced to buy a Paul Newman from me... LOL!

Thanks for sharing...

HK Snob