Friday, May 26, 2017

Doxa has just terminated the contrcat with his embrassdor Alex Fong

Alex Fong, HK movie star had just been terminated contract with Doxa as their ambassador. reins was Alex was not wiling to do the things as on the contract after the watch event in Guangzhou 20 May.

Well, that is quite a surprise as all the advertisement was made with Alex Fong at the boutique, news media, that might have the consequence.

Doxa was immediately gains its publicity in facebook, news media and more than 100X people now know what Doxa is...

Is this termination of contract is part of the original contract?

Doxa is known to be the one who co-developed the Rolex Helium Release Valve on their Sea-Dweller diving watch in 1957.

HK Snob

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