Sunday, May 14, 2017

Rolex Daytona Zenith Ref 16520 Production Number, configuration, availabiity and price Reference.

We believe that there is just about 184,700 total units of Daytona made under the Ref. 16520.

This is rare of course, that was why it take someone two years to get one watch from the Rolex AD.

Transition version is always present between the production years.

Different combination of dial and bezel are not hard to be found.

R-series with "bezel 200" and "4 lines" does exist.

The "L-series" is fund to have "floating Cosmograph" and "

bezel 225"

Even a combination of Bezel 240 and floating Cosmograph exists officially from Rolex.

the Early version of R-series were made with white porcelain dial, super rare and only in white version. Estimated price is USD$75,000. Estimated only 50 pieces made!

So called "Patrizzi" version with sub-dial colour turned brown... especially happened on S-series and W-series. Price is about USD$21,000.

During the 12 years production time for Daytona using Zenith El Primero Movements,

I have had a new Daytona Zenith recently, however when I worn it with me meeting friends in the Philippines... It was taken away for saying " let me see"  after that it become "Let me own it!"

And I am trying to look for all dealer and collector to buy this Daytona Zenith when my pocket is not yet empty. as I know

This is a fun watch to wear, comfortable, it weighs about 120 gram with 10 links, not as heavy as a solid gold Submariner 16618 (172 gram) not too shinny as it is still a tool watch, it is super accurate as all Daytona Zenith I have it keeps perfect timing less than 2 seconds daily variance.

Moreover ... It has no date so you have a excuse to wear another Rolex with date on your right wrist!

Since it is made with such a small number for supplying the large number of Rolex Fans in the world, price will be only be
"UP" year after year!

It is time to keep yours!

HK Snob

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