Monday, April 10, 2017

What's new about Rolex in April 2017?


A Like New Submariner 16610LV Flat Four

There has been quiet for a period of time Jan to March as people are watching what new stuff will be launched at BaselWorld.

Well, Rolex will produce a Sea-Dweller Single Red Ref 126600 and prices at CHF10.800 .

New feature are 43mm case, It’s got a Cyclops for it’s 50th anniversary 1967-2017. I think when it is available price must be higher than HK$110,000.

And I have heard that Rolex has discontinued the production of current Ref 116600 Sea-dweller. So there is a surge of Gray dealer price HK$63,000 last week up to now HK$67,000 this week!

So if you have a BNIB Sea-Dweller. Please keep it and it may hold the price for a period of time and Rise again to above HK$75,000.

Daytona ceramic  2016

Daytona Ceramic Ref 116500LN white stands still at price HK$131,000 where black is HK$126,000 (average)



More obviously that I see rise of demand on Submariner 50th anniversary Ref 16610LV Kermit, as In Mong Kok Watch shop, like Kwan Yan, P n F, London’ s watch, Wing Kwong, I have counted there are about 12 prices, these are their prices.

Ref 16610LV NOS or Mint Flat Four full set : HK$110,000

Ref 16610LV sharp four paper and box :HK$71,000

Ref 16610LV sharp four watch only HK$57,000 to $66,000

Price: on the rise.

Submariner Ref 116610LV Hulk

I have noticed that there is little supply at Gray dealer, and price is going up.

Noticeably the gray dealer price is HK$69,000 to HK$71,000

So in my experience, the price of such rise of Hulk indicating lesser supply, I speculate that the Hulk will be also be “Discontinued” soon.

So if you can get a Hulk BNIB at HK$70K, I suggest buy before too late.

HK Snob




Anonymous said...


What is the Submariner 116610ln list price in Hong Kong AD today?
I am travelling to HK soon and want to see if cheaper to buy in HK.
How much discount can I get (I'm from Australia and can get a 10% refund from tax).


HK Snob said...

Hi Ref 116610LN list price is HK$63,900
Now Sub has only a few pieces in AD.
I used to get less 10% before but not today.
No even know if there is stock, I think you can find 1-2 pieces in AD shop but I think you get max, 5% only.
There is no tax in HKG.
HK Snob