Friday, April 28, 2017

HKWF Breaking news on Rolex

DeepSea Ref 116660

New 2017 Single Red Sea Dweller

Price Increase on DeepSea HK$3,000
Effective 1 May 2017

DeepSea Black 116660 new price will be HK$91,000
DeepSea D-Blue 116660 New price will be HK$93,500

New 2017 Watch Release
These will be available as new release from Rolex
Models on Date Just 41mm,
New Sea-Dweller 126600 Single Red!

Please note that the new Big heat on Single Red will be available

Lets see how many units we can get on Monday?
Let's see who is the first lucky man get the First watch in hand!?

Those Who get NOS Deep-Sea will immediate appreciated with price HK$3,000

Can I say this is the new Bonus from Rolex!?

Well, after this when the shops are still carrying old price.
Go to get one.

Bad thing is Rolex will continue the DeepSea for a period of time.

If you want to get the Single Red earlier, try to deposit Money for reserve. I may get two pieces from one source.

HK Snob

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