Sunday, April 3, 2016

Watch Quiz 002

Watch  Quiz 002

-By Right Rolex is free for Battery Replacement for your Rolex Oyster Quartz?

Yes, but somehow they will request you to do change this and change that, you should insist just  battery Cell replacement, they have to replace for you.  FREE!

-Japanese Battery Cell is not as good as the Swiss Battery Cell?
No, Japanese battery Cell is actually better than any Swiss Made battery Cell. Choose Maxell!

The Cyclops magnifying lens of Rolex is a piece of lens using Adhesive to stick on the Flat sapphire crystal.
Yes, as you can heat up by gas torch on the Cyclops and then you push and remove by a flat nose screw driver.

The Rolex Boxes are made in Switzerland?
Nowadays those Boxes are no longer made in Switzerland as you cannot see “Swiss Made” on it. They are either made in Subcontractor in Thailand or China.


Which Current Rolex Model is having Highest in timing accuracy?
Milguass! As it has an anti-magnetic shield. Some of the tests had been done on these Sport models found Milgauss has highest Accuracy: Milgauss, GMT, Daytona, Explorer and Submariner.

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