Thursday, April 21, 2016

Rolex Cellini 5112 with Coat of Arms of kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Rolex 5112 comes With Cellini Box

Name : Khalid at 6 o'clock position in Arab

Greeting in Arab engraved at the Back

A brand new Montblanc leather strap

Size about 33mm comparing with my Rolex DD 18039 on my Wrist 

Watch on My Wrist measure 16.5cm  (6.5")

Two swords in saltire with a palm
tree in the upper space between them
هويتي وطني ((My country My identity

 Rolex Caliber 5112

Rolex Cellini was one of the watches Rolex put up advertisement heavily in the 80s, nowadays, Rolex focuses on those Oyster Tool watch.
Rolex Cellini is one of my favourite Dress watches, I had one before but it was sold.
I think of them as the only "true" dress watch Rolex makes. Resale is most certainly not as great as pretty much every other Rolex Submariner or Daytona.
Can't tell why they don't get much love... I'm sure you'll get plenty of responses in HK for those older people 50 or over.
I love the look of them and would get one if I could especially those 70s!
One reason they are not too popular as the other Tool Watch because of its ability to be waterproof
Although the current Rolex site doesn't mention water resistance for the Cellini line, the watches are water resistant to 30m. That's not much, but they are suitable wear in the rain and the occasional splash of water, as when washing one's hands.
This is Rolex Cellini Ref 5112 is referred to as Classic produced from 1987-2000.
4112 is referred to as Biseau ( bevel ) produced from 1979-2000.
Both use the same movement caliber 1602, crystal/gasket, winding crown, and dial options.
20 jewels, Adjusted to four positions, double INCABLOC, manual winding.
This is a special watch made by some of the Saudi Arabian who ordered this direct at Rolex SA Switzerland.

Excellent Watch Condition, dial is in perfect condition.
A Slim and stylish dress watch.

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