Thursday, April 21, 2016


1.  Who do you talk to, fondle with, before you sleep and most likely sleep beside you?

Your iPhone!


2.  Who is the one following you to office, to cinema or church, hold up you hand, give you honest reply every hour every day?

Your Rolex!


3. If your wife, your mother, your dog and your Rolex is dropped into River, what is the sequence of your rescue?

Mother first, as she is the one to determine your existence.

Then the dog, as there is no insurance coverage in US
though she can swim.

Third is Wife, you can always find a better one.

Fourth is Rolex… it can survive Forty years under water!


4.  Latest Technology makes you stupid:-

New Coffee machine in the 6 star hotel lobby- No one dares to be the first one to operate it.

iDrive, or I drive or Eye-drive of the stupid car

Finger Print senor – reported there is a lot of new Yakuza members suspect found in the city  (loss of fingers)

Eye ball detection senor- that is why we see a lot of Captain Cook in LA.

Encryption on your Handphone- Lawsuit between phone Supplier and FBI.

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