Sunday, April 6, 2014

When Money Is No Longer Your Major Concern....... This Is The Rolex You Need To Buy!

Top left GMT Master II 116769TBR Ice $4.M, Top Right Submariner Emerald 116654EM $2.6M, Bottom Left Daytona Leopard  116598 $550,000
Daytona 116756TBR $982,700, Right Bottom 116719BLRO $242,000
Estimated price only as Rolex Does not yet issue the list price for some of the models

When you have money, what you worry is the article is not expensive enough.

Base on my rough guess, 10,000 people could afford a Submariner Stainless steel, at $60K, and there will be only 10 people who can afford a Daytona Leopard of $550K…
And only 1 people can afford to buy an GMT Master Ice at $4.4M..
Roughly ten times more expensive will be 100 times less people could afford… so for this kind of watch,  you may be one of the 10,000 Rolex fans can buy…

Well, you can order though my network if you like these watches which Rolex could possible make less than 100 a years.

There is very limited number of stock in HK now. Not more than 2 of these Exquisite Rolex items in Rolex AD Hong Kong.

We can get minimum less 10% off the list price… may be you say discount is not a big deal, as if you like these watches, you seem don’t care too much the price rather than you have stock or not….

If you want these watch, pls book first of there will be no stock to serve you…
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