Friday, April 18, 2014

This Might be a good Choice for your Old Pa... a Longines Solid 18 kt gold TT 5-star Golden Wing

List Price HKD$9,500

I bought this Auto Stainless steel Longines today, and I found that there is one watch who could be of good value for your consideration.

This is the Solid Gold Two Tone Golden Wing 5 Stars, List Price HKD$12,000

It is a 18kt solid gold two tone Five Star Golden Wing Longines in Quartz. It can be used by your silver haired uncle, father of father in law if they are not used to wear Auto Watch... which is prone to stop if you not using it more 40 hours.

This Longines is old stock over ten years and the list price is HKD$12,000, imgaine If you can get less 20% off. The Value is great, base on my estimation, it carries about 10 grams of gold.
If we cash the gold., I will get 10/38x 12,000 x 0.75 = HKD$2,400!

HK Snob gets less 20% off on most of the Longines.

HK Snob


Ray said...

Hi HK Snob, what are your thoughts on Glashuette PanoMaticLunar? Seems to be very little info about this watch in HK!

HK Snob said...

Hi Ray

HK people Like Big name, When we talk about German Watch, every one says A Lang.

Glashutte Original PanoMatricLunar is a great watch of under -value.

Double Goose neck adjuster,

Blue Screw, beautiful dial layout, the price is less than $200,000 list price (Estimated)

There is Galleria in HKIA near Gate 1, there is continuous Video shown on the Ghashuette Counter showing how this watch was made, every time I stop by and watch for teh entire 20 minutes Video..

Ya, Why not talk about this great watch for German Watch lower!?

HK Snob

Anonymous said...

Hello HK Snob,

I am a long follower and cdrom of your blog and know you are big fans of Rolex. I am looking at a Longines Heritage Collection Avigation GMT and just see that you would be able to obtain good discount on Longines.

Would you please advise on discount you will be able to acquire for the watch from you familiar AD and whether it will be possible to do me a favor if I am going to buy it.

Thank you very much!

HK Snob said...

Authorized Discount for Longines allowed is 8%, I get less 15% for you.
HK snob

Anonymous said...

Thank you HK Snob very much for your offer . I want to try the watch again on my hand today and feel hesitation on buying it.

Wish you of good health and good business.


HK Snob said...

Tell me if you want it.
HK snob