Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I also think that Lee Kar Shing does not need a Rolex!

I got a WhatsApp from a good friend who is the General Manager of a company…this is his message:
“I knew you will argue with this. The reason is - the real rich man doesn't need to show off. It is same as李嘉誠 (Lee Kar Shing) doesn't need to wear Rolex to tell people that he is rich.... We all know Mr. Ip is a Rolexman.”

My Reply :
“I told you already I am a poor snob....Lee Kar Shing is another type of people.
PERMA is factor for happiness:
-Positive emotion

I am sure Lee is a positive emotion people, he is engaging with a lot of his business, and he has his meaning to live. And he has a good accomplishment in creating his Wealth!!
I believe buying a Rolex and the "World" is the difference if poor me and Lee Kar Shing…..in terms of accomplishment...
I can buy a Rolex and he cannot buy the world...
I can go to SSP shopping.
He can only appear in the golf club...
I eat Foie Gras, he eats Chiu Chow congee... and boiled Sweet potatoes added two slices of ginger… once a week!
Also I don’t think he has good relationship with most of the people...only those rich ball lickers and the scam politicians!
I am sure Mr. Lee can afford tons Rolex but he has no guts to wear a Rolex at all...  As if he wears a Rolex which he has not been doing for many years, people will start to speculate “What’s Wrong with Lee Kar Shing” why he becomes so Materialized so much” all in a sudden!?

I am free to go eat and chit chat as much as I can… I talk to The boss of the oldest LP shop, the HK largest LP Collector Paul who has 500,000 pieces of LP in SSP, the Owner and salesman of Audio Space, the shop owner for R/C toys hop, “Ah Kwun” who is owner of “Hi Fi Shop”, the sales of Lung Shing Watch Shop or Kuen Kee Watch Company, the old man who opens his street store selling old stuff, the shop owner of Kwun Yik Electronics. The chap who used to sell loudspeaker as a heritage from his father who I know for many years and many other people who earns a living at Ap Liu Street… I am a one who walks into Ap Liu Street that everyone will talk to me...
Of course if Lee Kar Shing walks into Ap Liu Street, there will be front page news on TVB news channel the same night likely “Lee Kar Shing walks into Ap Liu Street for his first time… He may want to buy the Whole Ap Liu Street and convert it into a new commercial building…. And there will be an estimated 50,000 DISLIKEs in one day at fb…
Anyway, I was a bit overwhelmed that someone compares me with the Richest man in Hong Kong…
HK Snob 

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