Sunday, March 31, 2013

Great Colour, Great Style, Great Classic Rolex Super Gold

These are the most magnificent Rolex Watches made in the 80s. Today it does not look out-fashioned, in fact it is so much “In”. These Poster shows all those rare and expensive Dial Rolex had made for us, putting on the Gold Watch of Date Just and the FlagShip Day Date!

Lapis Lazuli
Blue Gemstone with Deep Blue shattered gold dusts... “Lapis Lazuli” was being mined in the Badakhshan province of Afghanistan as early as the 3rd millennium BC. In ancient Egypt, lapis lazuli was a favorite stone for amulets and ornaments such as scarabs. And it has been used for Dial of the Rolex.

Don’t forget that we had an astonishing auction hammer price of HKD$730,000 for a Gold Submariner with Lapis Lazuli in 2012.

What is the ultimate value of this watch Date Just Lady, believe it will not too much now? But what if that is a Day Date men’s Watch, I think it is a price of minimum HKD$500,000!

African Mahogany
African Mahogany is the common name for at least two types of trees: genus Khaya of the Meliaceae and Afzelia of the Fabaceae (legumes) family. It is originated in West tropical Africa, with a tree size of 100-130 feet tall and 3-5 ft trunk diameter. One tree can be used for many thousand Rolex Watch, but the fact is they are so much hard to be chosen the best part of it to make the dial., due to the material hardness and shrinkage rate, they are not easy to be made, not so many company would select these material for Watch dial, why not go for epoxy printing that could be done in 2 seconds. Simply I think Rolex wants to make watch differently with other Swiss Watch makers.

Looking at the Watch with this dial recall my time I stayed In Africa, a warm cozy breeze cools my back under the unforgivable sun, sitting in a Port Said Coffee Shop. What a good time in my life… but at that time, I was wearing just a Date Just Stainless steel watch on my wrist!

Onyx is a banded variety of chalcedony. The colors of its bands range from white to almost every color (save some shades, such as purple or blue). Commonly, specimens of onyx contain bands of black and/or white. It has a hardness of 7 in Mohs Scale, a superb stable and hard material for making dial.

Birch is a broadleaved deciduous hardwood tree of the genus Betula. The bark of all birches is characteristically marked with long, horizontal lenticels, and often separates into thin, papery plates, especially upon the paper birch. It is resistant to decay, due to the resinous oil it contains. Its decided color gives the common names gray, white, black, silver and yellow birch to different species. Rolex is fond of using Yellow birch to make it Dial on the Flagship watch Day Date. I had one OysterQuartz with very Bright Yellow birch, but it was ripped off by my beloved mistress that she keeps it for herself… She said she like yellow gold watch with yellow brown Colour dial, best is Quartz as she does not need to wind it at all!
Birches have spiritual importance in several religions, both modern and historical.
In Celtic cultures, the birch symbolizes growth, stability, renewal, initiation and adaptability.

The birch is highly adaptive and able to sustain harsh conditions with casual indifference. Proof of this adaptability is seen in its easy and eager ability to repopulate areas damaged by forest fires or clearings. It is a sign of immortality.

Which is the best beloved Colour!?
How to I rate it? Just my personal preference, Lapis Lazuli, Birch, Onyx then African Mahogany!

Well, to the watch collectors Like Paul, Hung, Andy, I think they have to Buy them ALL! That is the fun of Rolex Collection, take time to find it and spend time to look at it, and Watch time the Value Grows! That Is the Real fun of Watch collections!!

HK Snob

USD$100 for this Original Rolex Poster wanted!


Anonymous said...

Great Colur Rolex Day-Date. Thanks fof sharing!

HK Snob said...

yes... all are my dream Colour Man....
I like the Lapis Lazuli Most. But got to be Day Date!
HK Snob

10+3 said...

I'm really interested in Onyx Day Date, do you have any place recommendation in HK? Tommy

HK Snob said...

Hi 10+3
Last year, I bought DJ Gold Onyx one and my wife did not like it, I sold it out. I had a chance to buy a DD onyx I did not buy it.
Since then up to now, you are at least the no,7 people asking.

Well, I tell myself, once i see I, I will buy it and keep it.
It is so beautiful, elegant and simple.

When I see one, I let you now.
HK Snob