Saturday, March 9, 2013

New or Used Rolex? Rolex AD or grey Dealer?

Many people ask me should they go for an USED or Brand new Rolex?

Many People ask why Rolex AD? Or Why Grey Dealer Rolex?

And Many of them told me the grey dealer can offer brand new at less 15% -18% or more for the price as comparing with Rolex AD.

When you had a Ref 16570 Explorer II using for 10 years, usually you can sell it at HKD$22,000 to HKD$23,500 to the Pre-owned Rolex Shop and they will sell it at HKD$33,000

My suggestion is:

When Your Pocket has enough bullet.

If you are looking for a real functional Rolex for you daily uses, go for a new Rolex.

Only that you can not get those vintage or discontinued Rolex, consider pre-owned Rolex Shop.

When your Pocket has not enough Bullet.

Go for a pre-owned Rolex

Or a Grey dealer new Rolex

Or buying from eBay from a reliable seller for the pre-owned watch.

But consider that the following points as buy priority

1. Used Watch with paper, box and original invoice

2. Used watch with paper, box

3. Used watch with no paper and no box

Price for an example REF 116610LN submariner Black List price $62,100 (Price X)

Rolex AD Walk in discount less 5%, that is $58,995

Rolex AD VIP price less 8%-10%, that is $ $55,890 to $57,132

Pre-owned Market for 2-3 years 95% new Submariner Ref 116610LN

4. Used Watch with paper, box and original invoice Range 0.85X $52,785*

5. Used watch with paper and box; range 0.82X $50,922*

6. Used watch with no paper and no box 0.65X- 0.75X $40,356 to 46,575*

Exception on Ref 116610LV Submariner Green bezel and green dial and Ref 115620 Daytona Stainless steel black or white.

These two watches are hard to get from Rolex AD, Ref 116610LV is offered at Rolex AD at no discount HKD$66,100, but we can get it from used watch market at HKD$62,800 with no paper (Lung Shing)

Daytona Stainless steel Black is offered new at Rolex AD with HKD$95,000 and White at HKD$87,500 but we can see some pre-owned shop is selling HKD$99,800 for Black and HKD$84,800 for White! (Win Fat), well if we can not get it from Rolex AD, probably we can only buy it from these shops.

* Note that the price range is just for a simple reference as prices varies between shops and the condition of the watch.

HK Snob


Sani Noordin said...

Dear HK Snob,
I love you blog. Found it informative. Could you kindly explain more on "Rolex AD VIP price less 8%-10%" That is how to be a VIP.. criteria.. Thank you and keep up the good work.

HK Snob said...

Hi Sani
There is no criteria, mail me and I tell you more....
Hk Snob